Kevin Conroy možda objavio razvoj nove Arkham igre, pored Arkham Origins

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Kevin Conroy has confirmed he will be reprising his role as the voice of Batman in Arkham Origins. It was reported last month that Conroy, who provided Batman’s gravelly tones in all manner of media from the classic 90s animated series to the previous two Arkham games, wouldn’t be returning as Warner Bros. Games Montreal wanted to enlist an unnamed voice actor to play the game’s younger version of the caped crusader.
While that very well may have been true at the time, it isn’t any longer; Conroy has personally announced at the Dallas Comic Con that he will indeed be returning to voice Bruce Wayne in Origins.

Well, this is awkward. Warner Bros. has officially confirmed that Kevin Conroy will NOT be starring as Batman in Arkham Origins. Apparently, while Conroy is providing voice talent for the game, it won’t be as the Caped Crusader. Which is odd. Instead, the honour goes to Roger Craig Smith, who has previously played Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sorry for the confusion.

We were hoping to put the Batman voice actor confusion to bed after today’s [.html"]to-ing and fro-ing]([Update–No-He-Won-t), but there’s been a dramatic development.
It seems that in trying to clear up any crossed wires, voice actor Kevin Conroy has inadvertently revealed the existence of a further Aplrkham title in development, scheduled for release after Batman: Arkham Origins. So let’s go back to the start. For a while now it has been widely believed that actor Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, would not be reprising his role in the upcoming Arkham Origins. But then over the weekend, while in attendance at the Dallas Comic Con, Conroy said that he had been working on “the next Arkham game” for around 9 months, leading many to presume that he would indeed by playing Batman in the upcoming, announced title. But no. Warner Bros. then steped up to confirm say that Ezio Auditore, Chris Redfield and Sonic the Hedgehog actor Roger Craig Smith would be taking the role. And that, we thought, was that. But then Conroy stepped up onto Twitter to try and clear up the confusion himself, and inadvertently let the bat out of the bag. “Confusion in Dallas!,” he wrote. “I am in new ARKHAM GAME coming soon, NOT ARKHAM ORIGINS coming this fall.” The tweet has since been deleted, presumably because the actor got spanked by Warner Bros. for announcing their new game without consent. So, if we’ve got this straight and all this messing around hasn’t made us disappear up our own bums, there’s a new Arkham game coming next year, after the release of Arkham Origins. And, seeing as we’ve been making baseless presumptions all day, let’s make another one: it’s going to be developed by Rocksteady for next-gen consoles.

Sad, ovo je možda priča za Arkham igru koja je najavljena da će izaći kao dodatak za Arkham Origins: Blackgate za PS Vitu i 3DS, ali je za nju rečeno da će se pojaviti istog dana kad i Arkham Origins, a ne par meseci nakon. Sumnjivo u svakom slučaju. Pomisao da ćemo dobiti još jednu Arkham igru nije nešto novo, ali par meseci nakon izlaska Origins? Možda je u pitanju next gen verzija igre, ali se onda postavlja pitanje: Zašto različiti glumci, jer je WB objavio da će batmanu glas dati glumac koji je dao glas Eziu iz Assassin’s Creed serijala? U svakom slučaju je interesantna vest.

Zar je bitno šta je ?:smiley: Nikad dosta Betmena :smiley:

Tu si upravu, ali je interesantno to što niko nije znao za ovo, što niko nije ni pretpostavio da bi napravili u osnovi tri Arkham igre u roku od godinu dana. Arkham Origins, Arkham Origins: Blackgate i možda ova treća.

Auditoreov glas kao Betmenov? That should be interesting… :slight_smile:

Ne mora da znači, ja ne bi pogodio da je ovaj glumac davao glas i Eziu i Chris Redfieldu. Svejedno, E3 će nam otkriti dosta toga :slight_smile:

Ja vec rekoh na jednom forumu da mi je sumnjivo da Rocksteady ne radi Origins, mora mislim se u sebi da oni rade jos jednog Betmena :slight_smile:

Bilo je priče da rade i na Silver Age igri, o kojoj nema ni traga ni glasa, tako da postoji i ta mogućnost

Dao je vokal i Bookeru Dewittu iz Bioshock Infinite-a. :wink:
Bice mozda malo cudno nekom,posto smo manje-vise svi navikli na Kevinov glas…ali nema sumnje da ce i Roger Smith biti dobar Mracni vitez. :slight_smile:
A moguce je da rade na nekom next-gen naslovu,mada ja sada cekam Origins. :slight_smile:

Sad se i IGN izjavio povodom ovoga, šta oni misle da će biti. Ovo je najbitniji deo, ovo ostalo je isto, a cela priča se nalazi ovde

If we take this at face value, then it seems Conroy is talking about the next Arkham game _after _Origins, which hasn’t been announced yet, possibly for next-gen consoles. Speculation that such a game is in development has been rife since it was confirmed Rocksteady Studios, the creator of the first two Arkham games, wasn’t returning for the third instalment. Presumably, they’ve been at work on this with Conroy all along.