Halo: Reach

Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
Developed by: Bungie
Genre: FPS
Release Date: 24. septembar 2010.
Available On: Xbox 360

Halo: Reach is a prequel to Halo (1) that takes place during the Battle of Reach, featured in Halo: The Fall of Reach (novel) and Halo: First Strike (novel), near the end of the Human-Covenant War. The game follows the actions of Noble Team, a United Nations Space Command (UNSC) special operations unit composed of six SPARTAN supersoldiers. Players assume the role of the Lieutenant, a replacement for a presumably deceased member of the Noble squad, who is identified by the call sign Noble Six.[4] The announcement trailer shows the colony world of Reach, one of the UNSC’s most important manufacturing and military centers outside of the Solar System, under attack by a Covenant invasion force referred to as “them” by an unknown radio operator.

Screenshots: N/A , world premiere trailer je in-engine ali sastavljen u visokoj rezoluciji “offline” i smanjen na 720p, a ne realtime, zato nema aliasing.
Traileri: ovde (HD)

edit: vidim kradete mi dizajn postova…c c c… “[COLOR=#006400]” + “[COLOR=blue]” odaju copy/paste zlocin. :smiley: …neka… smeta mi samo ako vidim ceo ukraden topic copy na drugom mestu.

Jel ce da ima samo multiplayer ili i singleplayer?

Navodno taj trailer je cutscene pre prvog nivoa u igri. Multiplayer će moći da se igra već u beta verziji, negde na proleće a igra će imati sigurno i single player element, pitanje je samo co-op-a da li će biti 2, 4 ili više.

E u ovom nastavku mi se prica mnogo dopada.Planet Reach zadnja crta odbrane pre nego sto Covenant nadju zemlju,saka jada Spartanaca na obuci,ovi napadaju sa svih strana totalno rasulo…mogucnostima nema kraja.
Jako me zanima kako izgleda novi engine,mada s obzirom da se na Reachu radi vec par godina ocekujem da igru ispoliraju do bola ali i da sadrze Halo gameplay tacnije neke ne experimentisu previse,jel ovo sto sada imamo je gotovo idealno.

Nesto novih slika…




Here's a full list of Halo Reach info taken from the latest Gameinformer.

- Reach will NOT follow the book, Fall of Reach.

- We play as Spartan IIIs. Jorge is the only Spartan II on the team, and as a result is larger.

- Carter 259 and Kat 320 are the only members of their original squad.

- Jorge is a heavy weapons specialist.

- \"Skully\" now has a name, Emile 239. He's the silent type of the game.

- The sniper is called Jun 266. He's thoughtful and taciturn.

- We can customise the appearance of the Lone Wolf by a small degree. Awesome.

- The game is apparently darker than any of the other Halo games, even more so than ODST.

- Human Insurrectionists are possibly in the game

- Bungie have once again made the Covenant more dangerous and frightening, as they were in Halo 1.

- Covenant soldiers no longer speak English, they speak in their own languages.

- A new enemy like a Jackal has been introduced, named a \"Skirmisher.\" They are deadly and cunning enemies that attack in packs, and flank secure positions.

- Graphics have been improved drastically, as proven by in-magazine comparisons.

- Elites are back, and are more ferocious than ever.

- Larger scale combat will be in Reach. Where only 20 AI at a time could be on screen in Halo 3, now over 40 AI and 20 vehicles can be present at a time.

- Scenes are more cinematic.

- Noble Team splits up at a point in the story, but it seems they soon get back together.

- Health Bar is back along with energy shield.

- Single shot rifle like the Halo 2 E3 demo is in the game, named the Designated Marksman Rifle (DRM)

- Sniper, AR and Magnum make a return. Gun sounds are more realistic.

- Needler Rifle is in the game, a mid-range headshot capable weapon.

- Spike Grenades and Flame Grenades are out. Only frags and plasma remain.

- Helicopter Transport is called the Falcon.

- Civillian vehicles are now drivable.

- Fully stealthy gameplay is now possible.

- Assassinations are possible with a knife by holding down the melee button.

- Sprinting is now possible through an equipment like mechanic.

- Spirits, the Covenant drop ship in CE, return in Reach, alongside Phantoms.

- Grunts look a lot more menacing.

- Motion Tracker seems compressed, like an oval rather than the Halo 3 circle.

- Hud is yellow rather than blue.

- Marines look vaguely like Halo 1 marines.

- Phantoms now have a flashlight, like the one seen in the ODST announcement trailer.

- Elites seem taller, and are no longer hunched.

- All features from Halo 3 (Forge, Theatre, Co-op) make a comeback along with several new ones.

- We will be shown what Reach looks like before it is destroyed. We will see the levels of destruction progress as we get further through the game, implying the game takes place over a longish period of time.

Au jedva cekam. Stvarno izgleda odlicno igra… Jes da su malo pokazali i sto je bilo 0 gameplay-a ipak izgleda strava…

Opa! Skoro sve mi se dopada što čitam, posebno dužina igre i razna poboljšanja.

evo prepričano sa još jednog izvora:


  • “Darker tone overall” - “Things aren’t as bright. But we’re not going for that desaturated modern war movie vide either”

  • Huge scale combat, new push on big battles

  • New perspective. removed sweeping camera shots replaced by cinematic tone, which evokes up close and personal war journalism
    Ie, airborne, shot - a ship is filming it from above, ground shots bump and jar like being held in the hands of a runner

  • Grittier cinematic sensibility extends to encompass wider character and plot development

  • Rugged and harsh wilderness filled with towering mountains and weather beaten forests

  • Not a retelling of Fall of Reach

  • “We definitely want to take a more serious approach to the franchise”

  • “We wanted to delve a little deeper into our characters themselves … That they’re not perfect - they’re susceptible to damage.”

  • “We’re bringing some of those things back that encouraged a little more exploration, like wondering where that health pack is”

  • Set days before invasion of Reach with an advance invasion force and continues up to full blown invasion

  • Noble team investigates trouble on Reach, rebel human Insurrectionists suspected

  • Reach features various natural and artificial environments, ambient life and cultures

  • Reach transforms from living planet through stages of it’s death throes and ultimate fall

  • Secret ONI hard sites, early colonist homes, gritty industrial locations, sprawling vistas featured


  • Health system more similar to Halo:CE than Halo 3:ODST

  • Assassinations, melee executions on unaware enemies from behind

  • Armour abilities, seeming replace equipment, each Spartan can only carry one at a time, governed by a recharging meter. Sprint and Active Camo confirmed.


  • Feature parity with Halo 3


  • New DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), single shot, fits between Sniper and BR, medium to long range but still deadly at short

  • New Needler Rifle, mid range headshot weapon, combining needler (following) mechanics with more accuracy and flexibility, three hits combine and explode

  • Returning weapons include AR, Plasma Pistol, Sword, Needler, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle

  • Spike and Flame grenades removed

  • New air vehicle, the Falcon (featured in trailer)

  • Warthogs return

  • Civilian vehicles usable

  • Spirits, Covenant dropships featured in Halo:CE return


  • “We’re taking a meaner approach to the Covenant overall.”

  • Covenant enemies now speak their own languages, in low guttural voices (Shakespearian fans am disappoint)

  • New enemy, Skirmishers, cunning enemies that hunt in packs, visually related to Jackals

  • Elites are back in command of Covenant forces

Engine Tech

  • Refined approach to distance and detail

  • Allows dramatically expanded number of enemies, light sources and other details

  • Described as “imposter tech”

  • Level of Detail (LOD) system allows building of bigger and more populated spaces for exploration

  • Distant objects are rendered at low poly with cheaper shaders, ie “imposters”

  • Imposter look great at distance and detail increases the closer you get to them

  • Less chance of pop-up and stippling as environmental geometry, plants, buildings, enemies or anything else can be placed into the visual field at the same extreme distances without profound hit to system performance

  • At extreme close range items can be rendered with incredible detail, ie, a wall was shown from inches away with tiny rivet features in the metal popped on the screen with perfect clarity

  • Imposter system indirectly frees up memory which can be devoted to other technical aspects

  • Lighting being one of those aspects

  • From Halo 3’s 3 or 4 light sources, Reach’s engine presents 20 to 40 dynamic lights at the same time

  • Weapon effects benefit greatly from the improved lighting, ie Plasma bolts moving across the screen with their own independent light source, casting colour and shadow across the environment

  • More improved lighting examples, a Warthog gun firing at a wall with hundred of real sparks flying from the stone, the particles interact not just with the wall geometry, but with it’s normal map additionally, the particles scatter down onto a nearby vehicle and react with its curves and lines, the sparks bounce and flow along the tiny textured surface

  • New weather system bringing rain to many missions, adding to the atmosphere

  • The sky is no longer a sky-box like past Halo games, it’s a true space in the overall environment, ie a ship descends from orbit and towards you, you can watch it make the full descent as a real object would fall

  • Motion capture heavily implemented, a majority of the cut-scenes based on captured actions

  • On-screen characters exhibit an animation technique known as variable gait blending, when a character changes speed, ie walking to running and vice versa, the animation of walking blends seamlessly into running and then sprinting, also, when turning on a pivot, players no longer stay still and magically turn in a circle, they realistically move around the pivot with their bodies and lifting their feet in reaction

  • Bungie hired company Image Metrics to aid with human faces, which now appear dramatically more lifelike than Halo’s traditional potato faces

Lone Wolf/Main Character

  • Impressive list of combat record accomplishments

  • Strikes out more often than his superiors might like

  • “Background shrouded in some pretty dark secrets”

Noble Team

  • Spartan III’s, except Jorge-052 (II)

  • Keep surviving suicide missions

  • When one members goes MIA, another is brought in

  • Carter-259 leader, Kat-320 second in command, both original team veterans and share a bond (ie they have never been replaced in Noble Team)

  • Jorge-052 is the only Spartan II on the team. the bigger, bulkier heavy weapons specialist and has survived countless battles

  • Emile-239, skull helmet wearing silent type, let’s his actions speak for him

  • Jun-266, thoughtful, taciturn sniping soldier

edit #1:
Engine Tech je izgleda podosta unapređen. Istovremeno znači da nije 60fps čim to ne spominju kao prvu bitnu stvar. Mada nema ni potrebe, ako sve ostalo bude kako opis najavljuje.

edit #2:

edit #3:
Što se tiče skeniranog materijala, ljudi koji ga trenutno listaju kažu da su neuporedivo bolji na papiru, jer je dosta detalja izgubljeno prilikom skeniranja ili fotkanja.

Ovaj put me zabole za 60 FPS. Hocu sto masniju i nadrndaniju grafiku i sto spektakularniju kampanju.A vec znam da ce prica da sabija.

Prema onome što kaže ovaj preview, priča počinje pre pada Reach-a, kada Noble team učestvuje u okršajima sa Convenant izvidnicom, zatim full invazija i na kraju uništenje, što obećava dosta toga da se desi, tj. da igra traje barem 10-12h. Kada se na to doda raznolikost nivoa kao i želja Bungie-a da dublje istraži background svakog člana Noble tima, mislim da je ovo sasvim moguće. Za sada hoću samo neki gameplay video ili barem direct feed screen.

Jedino sto me je MALO razocaralo je to sto igra nece biti uradjena po prici iz Fall of reach knjizi,ali dobro vidim da ima nekoliko novih likova pa su morali da smisle nesto novo.
Jako mi je drago sto jedan od glavnih likova (Skully) Emile koristi EVA armor,to mi je bio najomiljeniji armor iz Halo 3 a svi ostali su ga mrzelo.
Jedino sto se nadam da se nece dogoditi je da prica ne bude previse prekratka jer bi mi to nekako upropastilo igru (Nesto sto mislim da se dogodilo u Halo 3 ODST).

Sve u svemu,moje misljenje o ovoj igri je…Dajte mi ovog istog sekunda disk da bih mogao da igram tu prokletu igru na mojoj konzoli i nije mi vazno sto ne bih mogao da igram online jer sam bannovan…

Novi screen-ovi

Sta reci, modeli su predivno uradjeni :smiley:

dodao bih i osvetljenje. muzika će da roka svakako :slight_smile:

Rekli su da ce biti onih ekstremnih battlefield scena, sa mnogo vise protivnika nego pre - ja se tome radujem!

Novi update:

  • Reach is 70 percent complete.

  • They gutted the old engine and left “no component untouched” when improving it.

  • Now players will look the same throughout multiplayer, coop and singleplayer (and the way they look will be customizable)

  • Hints there will be power drain and grav lift armour abilities…

  • There is a 3d radar and the HUD can now highlight various environmental features and overlay information about them.

  • Night vision returns to Reach (as seen in ODST).

  • On the pause screen it mentions “grades and credits” but Bungie wont discuss them yet. Probably to do with the character customization system.

  • The AR leaves smoke and sparks when it fires. Explosions have been completely redone for Reach. They are apparently, huge, dirty and lingering.

  • Green marine monocle returns. WIN.

  • Bungie were disappointed with the reaction of people to the halo 3 marine, so theyve brought back the flavour of the halo 1 marine.

  • Mongoose return confirmed.

  • Assassinations (by holding down melee) will feature in multiplayer and the instant assassination of past halos may not be featured at all. Bungie is using the Beta to decide how it will feature.

  • Huge landscapes - but you can visit each area. In coop you may see your buddy fighting a long way off in the distance.

  • Teleportation is far less strict.

  • Bungie is bending the Xbox as far as it will bend and really pushing the hardware.

  • Tung says there will be some big surprises in campaign.

  • The game features rain which will leave covered areas dry and vice versa.

  • Elite AI has been improved a lot. They might be doing something like fixing a door and then something may attack them, but once they have dealt with the threat they’ll go back to what they were doing before.

  • “Bungie’s not fixed on leaving the trusty BR out”. The DMR has 3X zoom.

  • Shield recharge not as fast as Halo 3’s.

  • Halo Reach’s current build has a lot of computer generated audio used a place holders, meaning that the leaked beta menu footage may well be genuine.

  • A few new screenshots in the article, the best being a double page spread epic view of the spartans in a cockpit. There is an artwork of Emile with a grenade launcher.

  • Lehto admits that there was no generational leap on the animation side between combat evolved and ODST, but in Reach they will make them like all look like the trailer (including facial animations).

Bas me interesuje taj novi endzin - lepo je na screenovima, ali jos lepse kad gledas kako se pomera :slight_smile:


Wow ovi vukodlakoliki neprijatelji mi se jako dopadaju.
Daj da izbace neki gameplay video pa da vidimo stvarno kako sve to izgleda.
Inace graficki je primetan napredak a svaki halo daleko bolje izgleda u pokretu nego na screenovima.Generalno mi deluje malo mracnije i atmosfericnije.:slight_smile:

Meni se sve dopada, kako kažu planeta Reach bi trebalo da odskače malo od standardnog Halo univerzuma, po kulturi, arhitekturi i običajima, što bi trebalo negde da utiče na level design.

Ti novi protivnici su Skirmishers, agresivniji i žilaviji od Jackals-a, koliko vidim jurišaju direktno na metu, odnosno ne kriju se iza štita ili snajperskog gnezda.

Na ovim skrinovima se vidi da je osvetljenje skočilo za još koju letvicu a po meni, Halo 3 ima jedan od najboljih osvetljenja u ovoj generaciji. Samo da izbace bezpotrebne kontejnere na svakom koraku i primene AA, i meni dosta. Za gameplay ne sumnjam da će biti valjan a ako primene sistem klasa i različitih upgradeova za svaku (speed run, cloak…), onda imamo pravi refresh serijala.

I da, viste u ovim šotovima su fenomenalne, nekoliko koraka ispred onoga što su radili u H3.

Pobraonise ga dosta. Mada koliko vidim skoro sve slike su ta jedna lokacija. Ali dobro izgleda.
Slazem se za kvalitetno osvetljenje, po tome su poznati.