Halo 5 Xbox One release date listed by Walmart

Halo 5, or Halo for Xbox One if you want to go by what Microsoft and 343 Industries are insisting upon calling it, could be up for release this year, despite what Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes is claiming. When exactly this year is still subject to debate, but Walmart appear to be making a couple of (possibly educated) guesses.

The game is now available for pre-order on Walmart, where it says it will ship on the 1st October 2014. Mind you, later on down the page it says that the “pre-release general shooter game” is to be released in December of 2014, so who knows what to believe any more. Tesco listed the release date way back as the 30th December 2013, and that was, predictably, later debunked by Microsoft.
Thanks to Omid Meradji for the spot.

Update: Microsoft has sent OXM a comment, which is exactly as informative as you’d expect. “This listing is not indicative of a Halo product launch. We’ll have more news to share around the Halo franchise at E3.”