Football Manager 2021 Pomoc

Pozdrav ljudi, igra li neko Football Manager 2021 na Xbox-u? Da li postoji mogucnost dodavati slike igraca, grbove itd u manageru? Mislim znam da je moglo na PC-U, ali me zanima da li moze i na Xbox-u?

Izgleda da ipak ne može.
Sa reddita:

I’ve added the face pack to the PC Xbox version so that is possible, haven’t been able to test it on xbox yet though

I’ll be able to tell you in about half an hour or so regarding the game on the actual xbox one x. But I was able to add face packs to the Xbox version on the pc 100%.

Update - Can add graphics packs on Xbox version on PC but these do not transfer over to the actual Xbox I don’t think

I was able to add face packs to the Xbox edition on PC, but wasn’t able to add club or competition logos. Did you have more luck than me? Or is it not possible?

I had club and competition logos also, they are possible

Did you put them in your graphics folder and use FMXML? Faces work perfectly for me in this method. Not logos though

Could you tell me how to add face packs and logo packs to FM21 xbox on the PC version please?

Sure. It was a while back though.

The way I think I did it was by following the usual way you add graphics to the PC version, but I essentially went to the ‘Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition’ folder, which you find under the Sports Interactive folder. I then created a ‘graphics’ folder. And then added folders in the ‘graphics’ folder for each of the graphics I added i.e ‘logos’, ‘faces’, ‘trophies’ etc.

If you dont know how to get face packs and logo packs, there are youtube videos for the PC version which you can apply to the Xbox version as I have detailed above.

Only got it to work on the Xbox version on the PC. Whenever I loaded up the game on the xbox it wouldn’t work.

Nemas gde da smestis sve te fajlove na konzoli i igra nema odakle da ih ucita pa zato i ne radi, na PC-u se lako resava dok si ovde uskracen za sve sto bi ubacivao, isto tako ni skin neces moci da menjas, mimo onih default sto pravi SI.

E jbg…