El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Izdavac: Ignition Entertainment
Platforme: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Datum izlaska:28 April(JP), 16 Avgust(US),9 Septembar(EU)
Zanr: Akcija, Platforma

El Shaddai is a third person action game featuring 2D platforming. The player starts the game unarmed and steals holy weapons from his enemy. The game has 3 three primary weapons. The first weapon is the Arch, a curved blade which also allows the user to float for short periods. The second weapon is the Gale, a ring like weapon that allows the user to fire small darts in rapid succession. The Gale also provides the user with a fast dash move, it is the fastest weapon. The third weapon is the Veil, a shield that also acts as gauntlets, providing the strongest defense and a strong punch. The Veil is the slowest weapon of the three. All of the holy weapons become corrupt as they are used and routinely they have to be purified. A corrupt weapon is weaker than a purified weapon.



Prava igra, da se odmori od svih ovih fotorealistickih koje izlaze u poslednje vreme :slight_smile:

_[SIZE=“2”]Datum izlaska za Severnu Ameriku je 26. juli, a za Evropu 9. septembar.

Novi trailer:[/SIZE]_


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Pojavila se igra za PAL. Kasnije cu da probam.

Edit: igra radi ok. Nisam jos puno igrao, ali bitno je da radi. LT 1.9 i najnoviji dash.