An official release date, full game details, and new videos are expected for Driveclub in the next few weeks, according to an update on the game’s official Facebook page.

“We know you want news about Driveclub. We are going to bring you up to speed with a full Driveclub‬ update soon, because we are immensely proud of how the game is developing and we’re confident you’ll see why when we show you more,” developer Evolution Studios wrote.

“Expect an official release date, full game details and new videos in the weeks to come. We’ll be here to take questions and to chat to you too, so share a message with us and keep following for more updates. We’re looking forward to showing you more!”

The game was originally set to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 in November, but was delayed in October to an unspecified date in 2014.

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition is still coming, Sony confirms

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition, a free to download version of the game for PS Plus subscribers, will still be released, despite the extended delay for the game, Sony has confirmed to VideoGamer.

“Yes, the PlayStation Plus version is still happening,” a Sony spokesperson confirmed.

A Sony blog post confirmed an October 10 UK release date, but made no mention of the PS Plus Edition.

Regarding the PS Plus Edition, Evolution told VideoGamer back in June 2013 that it would have less content than the regular game.

“The only difference between the PS Plus edition and the boxed retail is that there’s a slightly scaled down version of content,” said senior designer Ben Gouldstone.

“We haven’t released specific details about what we’re going to refine for the PS Plus Edition yet, but in terms of the gambit of features, you’re going to be able to issue challenges, you’re doing to be able to do asynchronous online races, you’re going to have all of the single player content in terms of events. The specifics we haven’t gone into yet but you’re going to have the full gaming experience.”

Sony hasn’t said exactly what content will be missing from the PS Plus Edition.


E ovako,sto se tice igre izlazi u oktobru,ps+ edition ce imati 10 automobila i 5 staza.Mocice da se igra online MP sa ostalima,ali samo na tih 5 staza.Zbog tog ogranicenja nece moci ni SP da se predje na driveclub tour-u ,ali moci ce da se igra do negde.

u sustini ps+ verzija i obicna verzija ce biti 100% indenticne sem sto ce ovaj free verzija imati ovaj limit i samo ovih gore navedenih 10 automobila i 5 staza sto je manje vise i ok,pa kome se igra zaista svidja uzece i ovu full verziju…

U prilog Intruderovom postu.

We also finally get some specific details on the free PS Plus Edition and on how it’ll differ from the boxed one:

The PlayStation Plus Edition hasn’t changed. It’s hardly a demo because you get access to all of the game’s features online and offline. The difference is that you only have 10 cars and you can only race in one country (which gives you access to 5 tracks with 11 distinct variants).

That includes the explanation on why it won’t be possible to complete the single player _Tour _mode with the PlayStation Plus edition:

[INDENT]Simply because the PlayStation Plus Edition doesn’t include all of the cars and tracks that you’ll need to complete DRIVECLUB Tour.[/INDENT]


I jos po nesto o igri:

First of all, we get some more details on the length and variety of the tracks that will be available in the game:

[INDENT]The length of the roads and race tracks in DRIVECLUB vary massively, with some that you can speed around in less than a minute and others that stretch on for miles. The longest takes 5 minutes end-to-end, even with your foot to the floor in any one of the quickest cars in the game!

We did try our hand at making even longer tracks and while it was possible, it was difficult to keep super long tracks feeling fresh and exciting, especially when you’re racing because the pack you’re racing with tends to break up the longer the race goes on.

All of the tracks that feature in DRIVECLUB are authentic and based on real world reference trips, but rather than just recreate reality we exploit the freedom of games design to make them more exciting and enjoyable!

He also explained where the game is placed compared to the arcade and simulation racing genres:

[INDENT]Our ambition was always to transcend “arcade” and “simulation” stereotypes because we want to bring fans of all racing games (and all of their friends) together in DRIVECLUB. The driving model we’ve developed offers the best of both worlds, with handling that offers many layers of depth to allow players of all ability to race together.

If you come from a background of arcade racing or you’re completely new to racing, you’ll find it easy to pick up and you’ll quickly learn that you do need to use the brakes more than you would in most arcade racing games.

If you come from a background of simulation racing or you understand the art of race craft, you’ll be able to pull off advanced driving techniques and use the weight and velocity of the car realitsitically to keep to the racing line and shave milliseconds of of your lap times.

Rustchynsky then promised to release more footage, including direct gameplay recorded from PS4, mentioning that the the team has been hard at work in exploiting the power of the PS4 and they’ll continue to strive for the best results until release:

[INDENT]We will be showing you more of the game before and at E3, including direct gameplay captured from PS4.

We’re keen for you to see how much it’s improved since you last saw it, even for the areas where we’ve already achieved great things. Our artists have relished the extra time to add more cars and tracks and to add detail upon detail to the cars and tracks we’ve had all along. They’re all trying to one-up each other and exploit the power of PS4 as much as possible and they’ll continue to do so until you get your hands on the game. So you can definitely expect us to be proudly sharing updates with you for the rest of the year.

If you’re wondering how much customization will be allowed for the liveries of the cars, Rustchynsky gave some information on that front too:

[INDENT]You’ll be able to customise your vehicles using liveries that you unlock throughout the game, changing colours and paint finishes of the various layers. This will allow you to create unique paint jobs that’ll make you and your club stand out from the pack.

Finally, he gave a few more miscellaneous details, that you can read below:

  • There are no plans for 3D support.

  • No monster trucks (I guess the one who asked was a Motorstorm fan) in the game.

  • Racing wheels will have 1:1 ratio, but will be locked at 720 degrees (of the 900 available) to provide a more accessible experience.

  • There will be the possibility to turn the HUD off like in inFAMOUS: Second Son.


Podsmevaju se plus korisnicima, bolji je stick it to the man od ovog fragmenta cele igre (da ga tako nazovemo… satro nije demo… LIMITED edition).

Plus za PS4 bi bio takav fail da nema ukljucenih i ps3 i vita igara, iskreno zalim sve koji daju 50$ a imaju samo ps4. Kad izlazi Deep Down? Mozda bude samo sa zenskim likom “free” verzija, ogranicen si samo na dve magije, pocetni staf i autfit sa velikim PS Plus znakom. Pa ako ti se svidja…

A cekaj, hocemo moci osvojiti platinum mi ps+ korisnici? Mislim na DriveClub.

Jebga padawan, ja imam samo ps4 ali sta cu kad moram ps+ zbog MP, nema mi druge… Ostalo nista ne valja, nisam ni jednu igru skinuo sem Resogun i to je to.

Naravno da ne :smiley: Jer su jos na E3 najavili da ce biti i puna verzija igre za odredjenu cenu :smiley:

Samo 10 automobila i 5 staza za PS+

Ja i dalje ne razumem vase nezadovoljstvo u vezi ps+ kada je ps4 u pitanju. Pa sta ocekujete da ce vam sony dati pola godine po izbacivanju konzole? Sta ms daje svojim pretplatnicima, bilo da je 360 ili one u pitanju? Godinama sipak a u poslednjih par meseci nesto malo bolje. To sto ne volite indie igre vad je problem, ali sony se bar trudi da nesto ponudi za tek izaslu konzolu. Ocekivati AAA naslove dzaba ovako rano je smesno.

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Pa ih pas, makar da nadogradimo punu verziju po nizoj ceni (maloj ceni)! To ce kapiram biti moguce sta mislite?

Bilo je reci da ce toga biti, ali nemam pojma da li je tako i dalje, verovatno jeste. E sad, po kojoj ceni, to se ne zna jos

Uvek ocekuj manje, to je verovatno dobar nacin da se ne razocaras. :slight_smile: Realno, mogli su i samo dva automobila i jednu test stazu. Microsoft ne daje ni toliko. Jel daje zapravo bilo sta za One?

Nije bas da ne volim indie, samo mislim da whole package jednostavno ne vredi 50e. Stick it to the man sam prerano otpisao a vrlo je sarmantan, malopre sam probao, za US je guacamele… Kakve li nam besplatne ludorije spremaju za jun… :slight_smile:

Eeee, zivote… Ko je kupio PS4 da bi igrao indije verovatno je srecan posto je Sony najavio pregrst novih naslova.

Guacamele je za ps4 za US? Zar nije isto stick it to the man?

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50 - 60 evra :smiley:


Btw. u potpunosti se slazem sa @jahalang0112

Razmišljao sam da li da komentarišem ili ne, ali jbg, nek ide život.

Ne znam šta si očekivao od Drice Club demo verzije. Uklapa se manje-više sa svakom demo ili beta verzijom igre koju sam do sad igrao, jer je to to, ništa više. Ako ti se svidi, kupiš celu igru, verovatno po povoljnijoj ceni. Ako ne želiš celu igru, opet imaš racer koji možeš da igraš bez kupovine, sa kojom možeš da igraš online.Tako da ono, ne gubiš ništa, a dobijaš nešto. Opet je to više nego u suparničkom taboru. A ponuda u PS Plus će vremenom biti bolja. Opet se dobija nešto, dok se Games With Gold nije ni pojavio, niti će do jeseni-zime…

ajde sad deamone… Pa da su za svaki mesec napravili po jedan auto i mapu gratis za odlaganje to bi bilo mnogo vise od ovoga sto oni daju…

Driveclub delay caused by ‘one important feature,’ dynamic menu

Driveclub‘s delay from November 2013 was caused by “one important feature,” according to new game director Paul Rustchynsky.

Rustchynsky replaced Col Rodgers, who left Evolution to form his own studio, in February. “Your great support deserves us to be open with you. I know we have been quiet for a while since we made the decision to delay the game, so I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know exactly why the team felt that Driveclub needed more development,” he wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “We wanted to make sure we got one important feature right.”

That feature was the dynamic menu, which is described as “key to how much fun you’re going to get out of the game.” “Whenever you fire up the game; between every race you play, and when you log in to Driveclub on your phone or tablet, the dynamic menu has to be slick to ensure your experience is seamlessly connected,” he added. “Essentially it’s where you discover what to play, and who to play with.”

“It’s also absolutely vital to our ambition of growing a vibrant network of millions of connected clubs, who all share the excitement of driving amazing cars together. Whether they play just to have fun, or to complete every challenge and beat their rivals in every race, it’s this connected community who will keep the game fresh and enjoyable well after launch, so it makes sense for the connectivity to be perfect.”

However, the delay didn’t just mean that players will get to experience a better dynamic menu. Evolution has also used the extra development time to improve several other areas of the game:
Visuals – We’re constantly improving how stunning the game looks as we continue to optimize visuals and find new ways of pushing the PS4. You can see for yourself how it looks right now in the latest video we shared yesterday because all the footage was captured on PS4 from the game. It’ll look even better in October.
Audio – It’s absolutely state of the art. We’re continuing to refine the authentic sounds that we have for each and every car in the game and we’re going to put together videos that focus on this.
Driving – It already feels great to play and we’re continuing to add further layers to the physics to make it both more accessible for everybody and more sophisticated for experienced racers.
Clubs – We’re making it easier for you to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your club as part of the rework on the dynamic menus. We’ve also tweaked clubs to support up to 6 players instead of 12 (because the game is more fun with tightly-knit clubs and it paves the way for awesome 6 on 6 club races).
Tour – The difficulty curve for the campaign mode is becoming even smoother as we continue to optimize the vehicle handling and also refine the game’s AI for non-player racers.
Cars & Tracks – More time means more staggeringly detailed cars and exciting tracks too. If you haven’t already, check out the Ferrari in the video released yesterday. There are loads more exciting cars for us to reveal in the coming months.

Driveclub is set to launch October 7 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Hahahah :smiley: Ja ne verujem

Bice nadogradnje za ni manje ni vise nego 50 evrica, tj dolarcica! :mad:

One of the recurring questions we keep seeing is about the scale of the PlayStation Plus Edition. The simple answer is that with an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can download DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, which comes with one location (India), 11 tracks, 10 cars and access to all game modes.

But why did we choose to offer this particular selection of the game to PlayStation Plus subscribers for free?

DRIVECLUB is inherently next gen. It’s about accessibility for all and building a community of gamers who love online play. DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition is designed to be a quick and easy way for gamers all over the world to join the DRIVECLUB community. You can take part in all the game modes, set, send and compete in challenges, and race online against others in the DRIVECLUB community.

We think you’ll have a lot of fun playing DRIVECLUB once it launches on October 7th, digitally via the PlayStation store and on Blu-ray at your local retailer. If you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, but decide you want the full DRIVECLUB experience, you can purchase a one-time upgrade for $49.99. This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.

If you’re not an active PlayStation Plus member, you can still get DRIVECLUB via the PlayStation Store or your local retailer on Blu-ray.
Stay tuned because there’s more content coming tomorrow with the ‘Clubs’ video, explaining why they’re crucial to making DRIVECLUB distinctly different.

Friday’s episode is all about challenges – why we love ‘em, what they give you and importantly, how they’ll make the game infinitely more networked and fun to play in your Club.
Over and out.


Sta sam rekao :smiley: :

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