Crash Bandicoot mozda dolazi na PS4

Something appears to be happening to the Crash Bandicoot IP. The franchise is currently believed to be owned by Activision, yet all traces of the game have been removed from the publishers websites, and the official Crash homepage has been reduced to a single nav bar.

The discovery was posted on Reddit yesterday, and is followed by rumours that the IP may have returned to Sony.

This is where Crash Bandicoot used to live on Activision’s site. Conversely, the series’ official homepage [URL=“”]now looks like this.

Could it be that Crash is making a return to PlayStation exclusivity at the hands of Sony, or has Activision just killed him dead?

There’s also this tweet to consider from Sony’s Adam Boyes:

[SIZE=1][ Source: Crash Bandicoot homepage nuked, all traces of series removed from Activision sites | VG247
I feel this image in a teaser implies Sony is getting Crash back - NeoGAF ][/SIZE]

Odrastao sam igrajuci Crash-a na Ps1 to se nezaboravlja :slight_smile:

VRH igrica… bilo bi lepo da se pojavi i za XboX nova :wink:

Eto bi bilo lepo, ali da bude slicni fazon prvog i drugog dela…ne kao ovaj zadnji, meh…

Crash Badh :smiley: kako se zove ona maska bese :smiley: ?

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@eXperiment mislis na Aku Aku?