Born Ready CEO: Xbox One is one of the "easiest" consoles to develop for

“I was amazed at how fast the team had Strike Suit Zero up and running”

As part of a Q&A on Xbox Wire, Born Ready Games CEO James Brooksby has chatted at length about the studio’s experiences with getting its space flight combat game - one of the first titles to be released as part of the ID@Xbox program - ported onto the Xbox One. Admittedly, this is a little later that the program’s director Chris Charla was originally anticipating, but we’ll let it slide.

“Working with the Xbox One hardware and getting a game up and running has been a great experience,” Brooksby told Xbox Wire, in additional Q&A answers that were sent to OXM. “Considering I’ve been working on consoles since the original PlayStation, and pretty much every console format since then, I would rate this one of the easiest console development experiences in my career. I was amazed at how fast the team had Strike Suit Zero up and running.”
“The architecture of Xbox One, the chipset and software choices, and the fact that it has a built-in layer of Direct X has meant it was an easy transition for the team,” he went on. "In previous console generations, you’d see extremely convoluted hardware and software set-ups (often for good reason), and that often meant console development was problematic and even unobtainable for some.

“This is especially true for smaller development teams who wouldn’t have had the resources or expertise to bring a console game to fruition, particularly on smaller budgets,” he continued. “The architecture of Xbox One means developing for a console has never been simpler, and it’s finally within reach of those smaller teams, right down to the lone developer creating something from his bedroom.”
Brooksby also went into a little bit of detail on how the team at Born Ready found working with the ID@Xbox program, which now has over 200 developers on board to create a wide range of indie titles on the Xbox One.

“The ID team have shown themselves to be a team that genuinely care about Indie developers,” he said. "They have really got behind the concept of independent publishing on Xbox. You can tell that these people care about games, the smaller companies and the future success of this program.

"It’s always great to have a new, solid platform that allows Indies to get their games out there and show the world what they can do. Xbox is and has always been a giant platform that has given Indies that ability, delivering a huge voice and an even bigger fan base.

“It will be a huge boon for the industry now we have a new console and an Indie programme that makes it easy to access Xbox One kit, and simplifies the traditionally painful process of getting your game published. What it means is that developers can now be confident in the ability to publish a game on the platform, allowing them to attract stronger investment to aid development. They now have every reason to be more optimistic about their futures.”

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