Bloodborne: Hour’s Worth of Combat Gameplay will be shown at Gamescom 2014

The most recent IGN UK Podcast recently went up regarding talk about why people should be excited for Gamescom. In the video Daniel Krupa spilled the beans on what will be shown for Bloodborne at Gamescom 2014.

According to Daniel there will be an hours worth of Bloodborne combat gameplay shown behind closed doors at Gamescom. Though there aren’t details as to who will be presenting this at Gamescom (whether it’s a Sony rep or a From Software dev is unknown), it’s likely that we’ll get details shortly after. Another behind closed doors event happened at this years E3 and one of our insiders let us know several details on that. (click here). Who knows, the public may just see that very demo during Gamescom.

[INDENT]Bloodborne Devs Looking Into Photo Mode and How it Might Work [x]

In terms of combat in Bloodborne, we already know a few things:

  • Side rolling is replaced with side stepping.

  • Fast rolls are back (Dark Souls 2 doesn’t have fast rolling).

  • Most weapons will have alternate modes (like the short to longer distance hand axe).

  • Magic from previous Souls games will be replaced with gadgets (short range knockback shotgun for example).

  • Enemies have smarter AI

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[h=1]Bloodborne gameplay trailer coming tomorrow[/h]

“Get ready PlayStation fans, because tomorrow we’re getting a brand new gameplay trailer for Bloodborne, From Software’s upcoming PS4 exclusive action-RPG.”